Refunds and Cancellations

If you cancel your booking before the 30-day full payment deadline, your deposit is refundable. Promotional codes have no monetary or cash value and are not subject to refund. To receive your refund, you must cancel in writing in advance, by the 30-day deadline, by email at After the 30-day full payment deadline, the deposit and all fees paid become non-refundable. 

Upon the 30-day full payment deadline, your reservation holds your place in the event in lieu of Eden Suriname accepting other attendees, and Eden Suriname prepares for your participation in advance by contracting with vendors and agents in Suriname. By making this purchase and/or paying a deposit for a reservation in the tour, you agree and certify that you have reviewed all information carefully and fully understand the terms of this Agreement, what is and is not included, and that there are no refunds. 

If a booking is cancelled by Eden Suriname for any reason (such as low enrollment or an Act of God), Eden Suriname will offer a full refund for the entire fee paid by you to Eden Suriname. However, Eden Suriname will not reimburse you for any of your out-of-pocket costs. 

Eden Suriname strongly recommends that travelers obtain travel insurance, in case of an unforeseen event. However, at this time, Eden Suriname does not provide travel insurance or recommend any specific insurance providers.