Whether you’re a history buff or cultural enthusiast, herbalist or animal lover, explorer or bookworm, photo bug or foodie—Eden Suriname has an adventure that’s right for you. Consider one of our tours:

All of our tours are thoughtfully-curated by experts with first-hand knowledge and a profound understanding of the country. We leverage our relationships with the people of Suriname and access local resources to offer intimate and authentic experiences that you would not be able to have if traveling on your own. 

What you can expect on each tour:

  • Our pledge to be mindful and respectful of our host country. Supporting and adhering to the needs and customs of Suriname is of great importance
  • A small group (2 to 20 people) to allow participants to interact with their guides and immerse in each activity
  • American tour facilitators and local guides and experts 
  • An itinerary that is meticulously designed, but adaptable based on the needs and desires of the group; tours  can be arranged for an individual or two or a group 
  • Activities and accommodations that have been scouted, vetted, and scheduled
  • Airport shuttle service (pick up and drop off) 
  • Eden Suriname does not arrange all air travel. For assistance with airline reservations, you may contact Juliette Somohardjoat of Paramaribo Travel Centre NV (a member of the Association of Suriname Travel Agents) at or 597-42-2511

Are you ready to enjoy the vibrant and historic capital city of Paramaribo, venture into the rainforest to discover exotic plants and animals, or meet the welcoming people of a native river-side village?


choose your adventure


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